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Natural "Lakes" form only naturally - either in mountainous areas or volcanic landscape. Water bodies with contour bunding or cemented borders and wall\s are no more than tanks. Fumaroles, geysers, hydrothermal vents, and hotsprings make an eerie outwordly landscape. It can potentially create a lava lake or also a fresh water lake which will be filled with chemicals like sulphur, ferrous oxides, nitrogen Carbon compounds etc making it a lethal cocktail unfit for human, animal or plant consumption. But over a period of time the surrounding areas become infinitely fertile and rich in bio and zoo diversity. Japan being on the Ring of Fire is home to many volcanoes. Together with volcanic emissions and oceanic westerlies Japan enjoys balmy weather except in the higher latitudes and higher reaches despite Japan being in the temperate zone. Volcanic snow-scape in Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. Kamchatka is on the Ring of Fire. A peep into volcanic crater or caldera rev

Wind Energy the all weather friend

Any piece of land (real estate) is good enough to harness renewable energy. Wind energy is compatible to any kind of terrain. Undulating terrain like a hill range make for ideal real estate for harvesting renewable wind energy. Precipitation in colder climes of the higher latitudes favours ideal geophysical conditions to harvest wind energy. Windmills in Holland were the most traditional means of harvesting wind energy obtaining from passing westerlies from the Jet Stream of the Atlantic Ocean.  The whole aim of harvesting wind energy is to reduce the pressure of fossil fuel emissions from car driven societies of the developed West. Wind energy ain't detrimental to biodiversity unlike the hydro electric pylons that cut through biodiverse forest lands. 👇 Windmills are conducive to any terrain and virtually any weather. Makes an alternative source of income and makes agriculture climate neutral. Wind mills as a renewable source of energy... the all

Renewable Energy to mitigate Climate Change

What has human civilisation come to? If we will use food grains to substitute fossil fuel energy there is something seriously, inherently wrong in our development ethos! 😨😬😨 Lets be fair in utilsing resources, and leave some fruits of human development for future generations! Almost all countries are in the solar race! Creating infrastructure for utilisation of renewable energy is the challenge ahead!   As of 2019  worldwide, more than two-thirds of all new electricity capacity installed was renewable. Nevertheless w ind energy is grossly underutilised. Sustainable renewable energies will benefit future generations. The solar race is consuming the energies of even countries beyond the  middle latitudes. Creative out of the box thin=king is needed to mitigate Climate Change at every step. Geysers are among the thermal energy sources that can well be harvested. Iceland has made great strides in this alternative technology. Fumaroles, natural gas hydrothe