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COVID - 19: Native nutrition during disasters

A variety of dishes can be made with the simplest of ingredients... anywhere in the world.  Almonds are a source of Vitamin B 12, is a source of plant based protein that includes Riboflavin. Makes a great between meal  snack and roasted almonds make interesting and tasty nourishing snacks especially for those in disster shelters; its also easy to roast...  Apricots though not a tropical fruit, is grown in temperate zones in India. Dried apricots - a processed food - makes nutritious snacks especially for those suffering from co-morbidities in these COVID 19  times... Bittergourds is an quintessential vegetable for Diabetics... Reduces risk during disasters like in the current pandemic when medicines may run out of stock for Diabetics.  Beetroots and carrots are tubers which serve well  as raw salads for people in disaster shelters - especially so for people suffering from co-morbidities.  Nutritious grapes ... make filling and healthy snacks and salads Quintessential and ubiquitous Ind