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Sri Lankan Foods

Here's a photo blog on Sri Lankan Food. Although the Spice Island that is significantly responsible for rewriting world history thanks to its humble herbs and spices, nevertheless, Sri Lankan recipes and culinary inheritance is a mixed bag of haute spices mixed with coconut milk, coconut gratings etc offering a mild but addictive entry into your soul through the olfactory nerves! Imagine nutmeg, black pepper, ginger garlic, mint, herbs colourful and photogenic tubers all soaked in coconut milk of different densities! It is so flavourful that it not only calms your nerves but bestirs an inimitable love for all things culinary. The way vegetables are cut is also distinctly influenced by the country's agrometeorological conditions ... for example okra is cut in a slant ... resembling a fish. Diced Okra is blended with generous servings of coconut gratings... a cup of white rice is decorated with red chili paste and beetroot slices. Red rice is cooked in coconut milk (Kiribath) and